The Worship Team, with Session's approval, determines our services and music.

Brenda Reid Jones is the Elder for our Worship Team Ministry.  You may email Brenda using the button below.


The Administrative Team is responsible for Stewardship and Finance, Personnel and Operations.

Hammet Hough is the Elder for our Admin Ministry Team. Contact Hammet at 301-972-1372 (land line) or 703-403-0597 (cell). You may also email Hammet using the button below.


The Fellowship Team organizes events, large and small, to promote friendship and fellowship among our members and guests. This includes fellowship after the Sunday worship service to provide an opportunity for attendees to gather for conversation in Polluck-Williams Hall. For now, we have no in-person services or events.

Anne Davies is the Elder for our Fellowship Team Ministry. Contact Anne at 301-922-4332 (cell). You may also email Anne using the button below.


The Buildings and Grounds Team works hand-in-hand with the Board of Trustees to maintain our Church property (grounds and building interior/exteriors).

Bob Hoyt is the Elder for our Buildings and Grounds Ministry Team. You may email Bob using the button below.


The Faith Formation Team is focused on helping people experience and live a more Christ-centered life. Faith formation is meant to include all ages and is designed to touch the heart as well as the head; to teach people to love and act compassionately.


The Outreach Team coordinates our presence in the community.